Coaxial Double Directional Coupler

  Coaxial ports are coupling ports.

  It can be used to monitor the input and reflect signals in   the waveguide system in the same time.

  When only the input signal is wanted to be monitoredassign   a coaxial load in the other port.

  Coupling range can be made between 30dB50dB.


Frequency (GHz)


Coupling (dB)

Directivity (dB)

Flange Coaxial connection Port Dimension


XB-CD-430-40dB 2.20.2 1.15 403.0 18.0 PDR12
N-50KK 200mm
XB-CD-340-40dB 2.60.2 PDR26
XB-CD-284-40dB 3.20.3 PDR32
XB-CD-229-40dB 4.00.4 PDR40
XB-CD-187-40dB 4.80.5 PDR48
XB-CD-159-40dB 5.80.6 PDR58
XB-CD-137-40dB 7.00.7 PDR70
XB-CD-112-40dB 8.40.8 PDR84
XB-CD-90-40dB 10.01.0 PDR100



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